Tomorrow marks two weeks since the expected launch of Hogwarts Legacy and there’s no doubt that it’s already the first big hit of 2023, at least in terms of sales. It looks like Warner Bros. please promote the success of Hogwarts Legacy and would produce a TV series for HBO Maxwhich would adapt the game’s story to live action.

This week, Giant Freaking Robot sources reported that Warner Bros. had begun developing a television series based on Hogwarts Legacy for HBO Max. This wouldn’t be the first time GFR sources have shared leaks that turn out to be true, so the portal says this is reliable information and that the Hogwarts Legacy series is said to be in the early stages of its pre- production.

The portal reports that the Hogwarts Legacy series for HBO Max is still in the early stages of development and there are very few details available, but it looks like in-game that the Hogwarts Legacy series would be set before the novels. originals. and even before the Fantastic Beasts movies, taking us to the 19th century.

Aunque el programa de televisión de Hogwarts Legacy apenas estaría en las premieres etapas de su production, GFR dic que uno de los personages que veríamos en la serie es la professor Matilda Weasley, una ancestro de la popular familia de pelirrojos que conocimos en las aventuras de Harry Potter.

The Harry Potter franchise is one of the most popular in the world and it’s been a while without new audiovisual productions, as the last Fantastic Beasts movie was a critical and commercial disappointment. In any case, the sales of Hogwarts Legacy clearly show that there is a lot of interest in the magical world of Harry Potter, since for a month it remained the bestseller thanks to its presales and it is selling very well in the two weeks since its release.

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