In this guide, we will introduce you to key information about the combine harvester and its journey. Learn more about Meet Your Maker with our article.

Meet Your Maker is a new game from Behavior Interactive, which also developed Dead By Daylight. However, these games are very different. In MYM, you attack other players’ bases and try to rob them. You need a little patience, because sometimes you will die many times before finding the best way to approach. However, this title is also about building the safest outpost. The key element is the Chemin du Moissonneur. In this guide, we will talk about it.

What is the reaper

Harvesters (or HRVs) are sub-clones that function like mobile shipping containers. Gather GenMat train the extractor and transport it to the expedition station outside the base. It is linked to 2 main things:

  1. harvesters Always find the shortest path al extractor.
  2. If you’re lost in someone’s base, just combined search.

Combine Route Tips

  1. You cannot activate an outpostif Harvester cannot access the extractor.
  2. In build mode, there is a faint yellow line showing the way to Harvester.
  3. Gatherers cannot jump – even one block is too much for them. Remember to create slopes when building up or down. You can change the shape of the block by clicking the R key.
  4. The harvester always chooses the shortest route to the harvester. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t complicate things. Just make sure the clone uses the path you want. You must block all shortest routes.
  5. Most players don’t wait for the combine. – just enter the outpost; therefore, you can confuse them.
  6. Make large or small rooms with multiple hallways. – let other players get lost. However, remember to hide your extractor.
  7. A good idea is to make a large room with many obstacles: small walls or false paths and to make an obvious path, which at first glance seems to be a correct path. At the same time, hide the passage to the extractor as a small entrance in a different direction. With any luck, your attacker will get lost.

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