We told you about it a while ago, and that is that 343 is working with a community of modders to restore a lot of content cut from the original trilogy. In this way, all the recovered content will come exclusively to The Master Chief Collection. With all this, a Showcase has been revealed with more than an hour of cut content that is now playable.

Halo Modding Community Showcase 2022 has been held discreetly by 343, there is no great media movement given the large amount of content that is shown in an hour and a half long video. With the above, you can easily create a totally new game between Halo 2 and CE.

Halo modders already showing results and it looks amazing

The development problems of the second installment are not a secret to anyone, and Microsoft and Bungie have recognized that the output has been hastened to meet the times established by the industry. In addition to this, a lot of content from the conception of Halo CE was also missing, in 1999 a game was created with many totally innovative assets for what we currently have.

The goal is to bring as much of this early content to the community as possible, using the Halo: The Master Chief Collection Edition Kits. A restoration of the “Earth City” level that was used in the original 2003 E3 trailer for Halo 2 is also in the works.

In the video we can see new weapons, as well as enemies and entire missions cut. Not only that, we also managed to see some creative edits by the modders to create a kind of Showcase that integrates the legendary of the saga. If you are a fan of Halo and you know English, this video is highly recommended for you.

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