Halo Infinite continues to grow little by little and since its launch at the end of last year 2021 it has received a large number of updates, either to add new content or to correct bugs, adjust some sections and more.

Something that is already seen as common in the free multiplayer of the title is that different events are being launched in which a special game mode is included along with a small battle pass with which new free rewards can be obtained apart from the pass main of the season.

A friendly grunt brings us gifts in the new Halo Infinite event

During this second season we have already had a good handful of events with rewards, including “Fracture: Entrenched”, which is the main one and which came with a more extensive battle pass than the rest.
But there is still time until season 3 arrives, so we will continue to see little news from Halo Infinite these months, like the new little event called “The Yappening”, in which we will meet a friendly grunt with gifts for us, as we can see in the comic shown in the official account of 343 Industries a Twitter.

It seems that we still have some details to know, but we can’t wait to play Halo Infinite again and get these new free rewards.

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