Halo Infinite, a leak reveals a particular creative tool on the Forge

Halo Infinite, a leak reveals a particular creative tool on the Forge

Will it be possible to change the size of a 3D model within the map?

It has been a while since there were rumors of the arrival of the mode Forge per Halo Infinitebut there were certainly several leaks that showed how 343 Industries would be working on something very ambitious regarding this modality. In fact, according to the recent leaks released on the net by a user, it would seem that it will be possible to modify the dimensions of any 3D element thanks to a particular tool. At the moment, however, there are still no confirmations in this regard, so there is no certainty that it will really be like this.

Halo Infinite’s Forge mode should have a particular tool for crafting items

The user in question (Rebs Gaming) is collecting various leaks concerning this mode, showing various videos showing tools that the developers have decided to add to the mode Forge from Halo Infinite. If you look carefully at these videos, which you will find at the bottom of the article, you can well see how the players are left with great creative freedom, with peculiarities that go far beyond those shown in the previous chapters.

In one of the videos, you can see a tool that allows you to modify the 3D elements of the game world, giving space to the imagination of players who can have fun creating really bizarre things. In fact, it looks like someone enjoyed rendering a gigantic spartan and therefore we are more than sure that, at the launch of this mode, the net will be flooded with videos and images that portray the most unique and imaginative creations.

Furthermore, we recall how, already some time ago, the same account had reported leaks regarding this mode of Halo Infinite in which automatic turrets were shown but also a function that allows you to create new objects in order to enrich your arsenal. In short, it seems that the mode Forge knows no limits as far as creativity is concerned.

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