Kirby and the Forgotten Land was very well received by fans and critics alike when it was released last year (our review shows it). But how well exactly? Speaking to IGN, developer HAL Laboratory described the game as Kirby’s “Breath of the Wild moment”.

Shinya KumazakiFranchise CEO Kirby said, “If we talk about what Breath of the Wild maybe did for the Zelda series in that it was revolutionary, it revolutionized the series, I think Kirby and the forgotten land was kind of a tipping point, and I think that can be seen as the first step in our kind of continued challenge in the future to make 3D Kirby games as well.

While this suggests there will be more Kirby 3D games in the future, Kumazaki clarified that there will also be plenty of unique gaming experiences.

“It’s really about what kind of gaming experience we can deliver to players and how best to deliver that gaming experience, which really dictates how we express it in-game. It’s just now that we have this new kind of 3D as another method, another way, another way to provide that optimal gaming experience through an optimal Kirby gaming experience.”

Do you agree that Kirby and the Forgotten Land was a turning point for the franchise? Would you like to see more Kirby games in 3D?

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