Guide: Sifu: Top 10 Essential Beginner Tips Xbox – Game News

Guide: Sifu: Top 10 Essential Beginner Tips Xbox – Game News

Of course, even with the addition of an easier student fashion To make your action here easier, Sifu’s reputation as a tough guy still precedes him. This is a game that will require proper concentration, and players must channel their inner dragon, be aware of their surroundings, and spend time familiarizing themselves with a multitude of attack and defense options to emerge victorious.

There is an element of trial and error here, Sifu is all about accumulating knowledge, learning from your mistakes, getting wiser over time, replaying levels, getting beaten by a handful of bosses tough, then dust yourself off to get back. In short, no one said becoming a Kung-Fu master would be easy, but to help you get a little familiar with everything there is to learn here, we’ve put together a quick list of our top ten. . advice to facilitate your entry.

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Sifu: Top Ten Tips for Beginners

Defense is as important as attack

It might seem obvious, but it’s easy to overlook defense when you’re faced with it and faltering. In Sifu, you have several ways to avoid taking damage. However, first of all, focus on protecting yourself while you get used to the controls, keep your guard up at all times, then slowly add dodges in time with your enemy’s attacks. Over time, you will learn to read what is coming and gradually become an almost untouchable target for your enemies.

It is important watch out for attacks and guard breaking throws Here too, they both have indicators to warn you that they are approaching, so think ahead and prepare for what lies ahead, dodge to avoid guard breaks, and choose your moment to attack carefully. Crushing your opponents is fun, but making yourself hard to hit is just as important.

Leg sweeps are your friend

leg sweeps, is done by pressing down, up and then “Y” they are absolutely invaluable and a move to incorporate into your repertoire early on. Swipes help you control the battlespace, maintain your authority, and drive your opponent to the ground, where you can then follow up with high damage attacks.. It is not easy to remember all the attack options available from the start, but the sweeps are available from the start and we recommend that you take advantage of their effectiveness.

Use weapons at every opportunity

There are weapons everywhere in Sifu, from bottles to sticks, bats, canes and blades. It might seem a bit dishonorable to use them, but forget it, write down where you can find weapons and grab them wherever you can, as they’re essential for softening up groups and taking out a lot of damage from the strongest enemies.. Never pass up the opportunity to start a fight with a bottle in your hand, that’s what we say, the enemies here won’t give you an inch so hurt them when you can.

Sifu: Top 10 Essential Tips for Xbox 2 Beginners

Spend time in the practice arena

you can enter the practice the arena at any time when you are back in the central area of ​​Wuguan by interacting with the wooden dummy. Be sure to take the time to dive in here and familiarize yourself with increasingly complex combos, defensive techniques, and all the weapons you regularly use in combat. Enemies in practice mode can be configured for different behaviors, so make the most of this space to hone and hone your skills.

Sifu: Top 10 Essential Tips for Xbox 1 Beginners

Choose your unlocks wisely

Constantly unlocking skills in Sifu requires you to purchase a skill multiple times, which equates to a significant XP spend. Therefore, it is advisable to consider your options early on, focus on the skills you will actually use, then be sure to buy them the required number of times before deviating and buying other things.

Sifu: Top 10 Essential Tips for Xbox 3 Beginners

Grind previous levels for XP

Replaying previous levels over and over again, getting better at each one, and maximizing your XP gains will go a long way in unlocking skills, improving in the game, and getting stronger. Identify abilities that are very useful, such as weapon capture and high scavenging focus, then Replay previous levels to get XP. and buy them. Taking the time to go back and replay levels will make the journey to becoming a Kung Fu Master a little easier.

Sifu: Top 10 Essential Tips for Xbox 8 Beginners

Prevent enemies from getting a second wind when possible

when you see an enemy that has the second wind ability – they usually have smoldering embers on their health bar and are harder to take down – Be prepared to alter your tactics to prevent them from having a chance to attack you again. Instead of knocking them down when prompted, keep hitting them with normal attacks to take them out without triggering a second wind.. You will be able to know which enemies to focus on while playing the game and thus you will avoid a lot of trouble.

Sifu: Top 10 Essential Tips for Xbox 7 Beginners

learn your combos

Mastering combos and making sure you know the most useful ones to pull off at all times is crucial to successful runs in Sifu. Know all of your available attacking options and master the use of palm strikes, crotch strikes, sweeps, and quick kicks to give yourself space and time when needed.. Spending some time in the game’s practice mode to perfect your combos will pay off down the road.

Sifu: Top 10 Essential Tips for Xbox 9 Beginners

Control your environment and isolate your opponents

In Sifu, opponents will quickly overwhelm you if you don’t play smart. Taking this into account, when approaching a confrontation, be sure to isolate and engage individual opponents if possible to reduce their number. When you have no choice but to mingle with multiple thugs, use your environment to put some space between you and them, slide across the counters and split the group so you can get them yourself. Also, as we mentioned before, keep an eye out for weapons as you move through corridors and rooms, they can make all the difference in a close encounter.

Sifu: Top 10 Essential Tips for Xbox 5 Beginners

Targeted attacks are essential for tough fights

Holding down the left trigger when you have a focus bar allows you to use your focus attacks and these are invaluable against a particularly tough enemy. Not only do they deal bonus damage and let you target specific areas, but you can also use sweeping approaches to down an enemy and then get extra shots with moves when down..

Sifu: Top 10 Essential Tips for Xbox 10 Beginners

bonus tips

These are our top ten Sifu tips for beginners, but with a game as complex as this, there’s always a lot more to consider.

  • Remember unlock shortcuts prioritized using key cards so return visits can be made more quickly.
  • Hunt all shrines available throughout levels to earn rewards and upgrades as you go and don’t hesitate to avoid fights when possible and jump on enemies who are unaware of your presence.
  • Be sure that Play more defense as you get older.. An older protagonist can hit harder, learned more, and got stronger, but they’re also more fragile and take more damage from attacks. Rebalance your approach as you get older to defend first, then attack when you have the chance.

And that’s it for our beginner’s guide to Sifu. Have you played Sifu? Do you have any tips, tricks or questions? Let us know in the comments.

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