Just a couple of days ago Grand Theft Auto V has officially landed on consoles as well Next Gen Of Sony Interactive Entertainment e Microsoft with the public awaiting with no little expectation another project currently under development at Rockstar Games: obviously we are referring to GTA VI.

And after the interesting rumors that we have promptly reported to you in recent days, where a well-known analyst spoke of a longevity and an offer of contents to say unimposingin these hours a well-known streamer of Twitchtale xQc claimed to have even already played al highly anticipated sixth chapter Of GTA.

And this was made possible through tests organized directly by Rockstar Games with the new work of the American development team that would actually be currently in a state advanced work definitely positioned far ahead of what the public could ever expect.

GTA VI may be in a far more advanced state of development than you might think

Furthermore, always according to the statements of xQc the test he performed would have sported a GTA VI in a decidedly positive state, giving him excellent sensations. But before going into the specifics of his claims, ours initially stated that he could not share further information regarding GTA VI revealing that he had to squeeze a nondisclosure agreement (NDA) with Rockstar Games itself.

But in the end, as they say, every deal is struck only to be broken, with the famous streamer literally sending the NDA above, claiming to have taken part in a precious tried dedicated to the game, having held the role of one of the tester from the online mode of the title.

Below are his statements:

“I have played Grand Theft Auto 6 online, of which I will only tell you that the development of the game is finished. They will not allow role play on Five M; will have their own roleplay servers with advanced real-life mechanics. This is the most advanced roleplay system of all time.“

Now, it is important to point out that this streamer’s live has been literally canceled, for unspecified reasons. And this fact gave way to a whole series of questions to ask: the live of xQc one of the most successful streamers, really took part in a private test for GTA VI? And given its indisputable importance, why did you decide to break a NDA tight directly with Rockstar Games?

Waiting for answers on the matter, we remind you how in recent weeks the American development team has confirmed the development of the sixth chapter of GTA with the release expected to take place no earlier than 2024but also on this last aspect we have no official confirmation.

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