A political argument could hardly have been more dramatic.

In the past few years there have been quite a few strange stories that have happened in GTA Online. But the last few weeks on the role-playing server “New Day” are unlikely to be surpassed in terms of political explosiveness.

Actually, it all started quite harmlessly and with extremely good intentions: Free elections should determine who will become the new governor of the fictional state. There were two candidates to choose from, whose election program could hardly have been more different.

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What went wrong Everything!

Up for election were Charlie Bradstock, a gun manufacturer, and Andrew McKinley, a chief judge. While Bradstock wanted to use the office primarily to bring his goods to the people, McKinley gave as a goal to improve security in the country.

But the election campaign that took place in May was riddled with mutual accusations, heated press conferences and protests from the start. So far one could say that the goal of the RP community to find its way into the world has been achieved.

On election day of all times, Bradstock was arrested because of a reporter story, and the already heated mood in the population boiled over completely. Using a Twitter-like app on the in-game smartphones, the players posted allegations to the police under the hashtag #FreeBradstock.

At a press conference that followed, further details about the arms manufacturer’s arrest came to light. According to his ex-wife, he was said to have been violent towards her and to have streaked foods with cocaine. These rumors could not be refuted until the end of the whole thing.

GTA Online – View screenshots of the Cayo Perico Heist

That’s what the real actors say

So much for the virtual aspects of this political scandal. But what do the real players say about it?

The user imafaketeddy played Charlie Bradstock and was relaxed about the outcome:

“I thought it would be fun. Either I would have had something interesting to do for the next four months, or at least I could have used the contacts I made for my business!”

The McKinley player “R3ID” emphasizes that he has nothing to do with the dirt campaign around his opponent. Nevertheless, he is satisfied when he draws the conclusion: “It was a good trip for my character!”

Even apart from such RP servers, GTA Online is still very much alive. Rockstar has even announced a real content offensive for this summer.

What do you think of such extensive RPG events? Would you also like to take part in such stories? Then take a look at our guide to GTA Roleplay! Or is that too much for your taste?

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