For the Rockstar studio, the month of October is marked by the many historic releases of its flagship games. This is data that could let us predict, for the 25th anniversary of the Grand Theft Auto license, a release date for its latest opus. Can we really hope for such good news after the disastrous GTA 6 leak? We’ll figure this out together.


  • The GTA 6 leak that shook Rockstar and the gaming industry
  • Rockstar License Releases and Announcements in October
  • 25 years of the license and 20 years of Vice City
  • A Halloween event with aliens heralding good news?
  • Can we really expect an announcement for GTA 6 in a few days?
  • The GTA 6 leak that shook Rockstar and the gaming industry

Like a real saga, we regularly have new information about this case. As a reminder, one of the most anticipated video games in the world has been leaked. A few weeks ago, in September, GTA 6 suffered a huge data leak. This concerned almost a hundred videos and content from what appears to be a version of GTA VI using the graphics of the previous opus. A news that was both a great delight among impatient fans, but also a very bad surprise for Rockstar employees. The videos show a version of the game that would date from 2019 and was far from finished. It was the employees’ Slack account that was hacked to extract the videos they were exchanging among themselves. Worse still, he would also have sold the source code of GTA V, that is to say the very foundation of the game.

The hacker (his nickname teapot) behind it all is a 17-year-old Briton. It was not a first for him since he boasted of having done the same for the company Uber recently. He was also reportedly arrested earlier in the year for the Nvidia and Microsoft hack The teenager has been remanded in juvenile custody. The case is far from settled, the hacker’s associates could also be the subject of an arrest warrant, which could give us new elements for this large-scale investigation.

Rockstar License Releases and Announcements in October

The American studio Rockstar is a publisher and developer of video games which is best known for the games Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption. Many of their games were released or announced in October. Grand Theft Auto V was officially announced in October 2011 and Red Dead Redemption II in October 2016. The releases of GTA Vice City (in North America), GTA III, San Andreas and GTA Online also took place in the month of october. All these announcements and releases could be explained by the company’s quarterly balance sheet which takes place in November. So if a game were to be announced in an ideal time for Rockstar, it would be October. This is a completely plausible hypothesis that advances the possibility of an imminent announcement. However, it is not the only guess, which greatly strengthens the hope of players regarding the return of the famous license.

25 years of the license and 20 years of Vice City

In a few days, we will soon be able to wish a happy birthday to Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, sorti en 2002. And more generally, we will be able to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the license released for the very first time in 1997. Information that does not rejuvenate us, but which has the merit of giving us hope. Maybe we can wait for an announcement in order to celebrate these very important dates for fans. An announcement would fall particularly well with all these dates. However, to date, there is no information allowing us to formalize these assumptions.

A Halloween event with aliens heralding good news?

Rumor has it that the highly anticipated GTA 6 will be announced during this Halloween event on GTA Online. A prominent member of the gaming community named Tez2 said that the probability that an announcement will take place at this time is very strong. One could doubt the veracity of his words if this person had not already leaked information that actually happened. Speculation based on a mysterious photo posted by Rockstar showing a house and a flying saucer. We remind you that this is a rumor and that we can in no way affirm its realization.

Can we really expect an announcement for GTA 6 in a few days?

With October seeming to be a recurring date for Rockstar games, and birthdays… It seems like the perfect time for an extremely uplifting announcement. Hopefully the GTA 6 leaks haven’t pulled the rug out from under the American company. Ideally, one could even venture to think that an announcement would allow Rockstar to counter the leaks by showing that they were not disturbed in their initial plans. The leaks showed us footage of the game that appeared to be from a few years ago, so we can legitimately speculate that the game may have been on its way to being finished for a while and ready to be announced. . Nothing has been officially announced, so we can only cross our fingers and hope to celebrate these anniversaries with a nice gift.

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