This is how it is and we will have to get used to it: GTA 6 fuels many conversations among players and many are only waiting for one thing, it is the presentation of the game by Rockstar! In the meantime, some people are not lacking in imagination and a fan has imagined what the future Grand Theft Auto could look like in real life.

It’s an understatement to say that the news around Grand Theft Auto VI has seriously accelerated in recent weeks. Propelled to the forefront of the media scene, the author of the leak of 90 videos of the game in development is behind bars and he will need a good defense – even if he pleads not guilty – to resist the lawyers of the American giant . Even if these videos go back a long time and are based on embryonic versions of GTA 6, they caused comments by the thousands and some had fun imagining what the game could look like in its current version. Fans have gone even further by converting what they’ve seen from GTA 6 into real life. This gives a GTA 6 IRL (in real life) screaming realism!

Famous influencers revisit GTA 6 in real life!

Like the Japanese who had imagined Yakuza in real life, the trio of influencers Ghettotwins had fun, via TikTok, reproducing in third-person camera what a GTA, and in particular GTA 6, could give in everyday life. The result is frankly impressive and some will recognize on these videos the city of Nantes and the beach of La Baule. No need to go filming in America to believe it! What’s amazing is the reproduction of the GTA avatar’s gait, both in running, jumping and we can’t help but smile when discovering the interaction with the NPCs. The scary one is hilarious, it’s really very well done!

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