Goalkeeper goals in the Kings League InfoJobs

Goalkeeper goals in the Kings League InfoJobs

En the world of football, it is rare to see a goalkeeper score a goal. In the end, the goalkeepers are extremely far from the opposing goal, and scoring a goal is complex. However, there really were cases of goalkeepers who had a good sense of smell and who scored.

In the Kings League it’s a little easier. In the regular phase, we had four goalkeeping goals. Those responsible were Jorge Ibañez, goalkeeper of Pio FC, Dani Pérez, of Aniquiladores and the top scorer in his position, Pol Lechuga, the brilliant goalkeeper of Los Troncos.

Kings League Goalkeepers’ Great Goals InfoJobs

The goalkeepers managed to score, and usually they did with good goals. The first goalkeeper we saw in the Kings League was from Pol Lechuga, for Los Troncos. It was three against three, but it was something to remember, with a superb shot from three quarters of the field which resulted in a goal for the team.

After that, a few days later, precisely in a match against Troncos, he was Dani Pérez, from Aniquiladores, the one who scored. Also with the league card in play, and with the trunks returned to try and score, he hit a volley which was his first goal. The next day, In the PIO against Jijantes, Jorge Ibañez, goalkeeper of the Rivers team, also scored his goal in the two-on-two game.

But finally, during this last day, we had a goal from the goalkeeper with the fourteen players on the ground. could not be other than Pol Lechuga, who on a clearance from a dead ball at the entrance to his area, beat goalkeeper Jijantes.

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