New footage from DXU24, the project that will bring the first part of Deus Ex to Unreal Engine 5, has hit the web.

Deus Ex is still one of the best entries in the immersive simulation category, but there’s no denying that the game is seriously outdated. Therefore, many fans are trying to update this classic. One of the most promising projects is DXU24which will bring the game to Unreal Engine 5.

The creator of the project has just published a new video showing the progress of the work. You can see it below. Includes a comparison of how various game elements work in the original using Unreal Engine 1 and in the UE5 version.

An interesting approach to revitalize Deux Ex

The creator has an interesting approach to revitalizing Deus Ex. Instead of making a standalone game, DXU24 will take data from the original release and interpret it for the new engine. So don’t expect improved textures and models. Instead, we’ll get nicer lighting and objects.

In fact, it’s not the enhanced images that are at stake in DXU24. By porting the game to a newer engine, full compatibility with modern PCs will be ensured. Bugs will also be removed and fans will have much more freedom to create mods. Thanks to this, the project can become the basis on which the future of Deus Ex will be built. An additional bonus will be the implementation of a VR mode.

No solo Two Ex

Unfortunately, at the moment we do not know the expected release date. It should be added that the program developed by the author will not necessarily be limited to the first Deus Exa. The developer is focused on this game, but has shown that DXU24 also works, for example, with Unreal Tournament 99. Ultimately, therefore, the project can be used to update any game using Unreal Engine 1.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that if you’re looking for a project that improves textures and models in Deus Ex, you should take a look at the Revision and Total Graphic Overhaul projects.

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