Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut and Legends will soon receive a new corrective patch and a couple of new features.

Ghost of Tsushima it still remains a frequently updated game by developers, especially since the multiplayer mode titled was launched Legends focused on the folk myths of Japan.

Now, the development team Sucker Punch Productions internal to PlayStation Studios stated that a new patch will be made available in the next few days game to solve some problems encountered by players, especially as regards the online sector of the title.

This patch 2.18 (2,018,000 on PS5) for Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut and Standalone Legends focuses on tweaking some multiplayer mode items, fixing several bugs and introducing some improvements within the single player story.

Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut and Legends will receive a new corrective patch over the next few days

In particular, an issue that prevented users from obtaining the Hidden Heart object in multiplayer has been fixed, while the possibility of import saves for the standalone version of Legends. For more information on the contents of this patch you can head toofficial web address reported in the tweet below.

Have you seen that a new chapter of Ghost of Tsushima is most likely in development by Sucker Punch Productions?

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