allows you to have everything under control!

Call of Duty has always been a series extremely competitive when it comes to rankings e statistics with not a few players incredibly interested in their own game statistics, where among these it is literally impossible not to mention the famous and even iconic report Kills / Deaths.

In fact the Rate between kills and deathsor the win percentage of matches have long been used by a large slice of Call of Duty (and obviously not only that, this is true for a good part of competitive games) to demonstrate one’s superiority or simply for boast good-naturedly with your group of friends.

And with the release of Warzone given the incredible success that the free to play of Activision Blizzard this desire has only gotten stronger, with players trying since launch to constantly improve their game performance, establishing themselves as the top soldiers of Caldera and the other maps in the title.

Here is a new tracker created specifically for Call of Duty: Warzone

That said, there is now an excellent way for players to check some in-depth stats related to their account, which could give them the information they need to improve all of their game stats.

In this article we therefore recommend that you use the tracker MyStats Warzone to keep everything under control.
But what is it about? As the name itself strongly suggests, thanks to this site you can see your complete statistics of Call of Duty: Warzone through where you can also view and compare your stats with friends and streamers, check out full rankings and see weapons currently in meta.

Follow these steps if you have difficulty using the above site follow these simple steps:

  1. Make sure your Call of Duty: Warzone stats are public
  2. Go to
  3. Select Warzone in the upper left corner
  4. Enter your Activision ID username
  5. If this is your first time using MyStats, wait for it to load
  6. Look at all your stats and compare them with those of friends and streamers

All you have to do is select your platform with the button next to the search bar and then enter your Activision username, ID, Gamertag or PSN ID. If you are playing on console, your Activision username is usually yours ID online unless you have changed it.

However, it is good to point out how is a brand new site, so you may run into some problems when trying to upload your Call of Duty: Warzone but the developers confirmed that the team “is working hard to find a solution“.

Said this, MyStats is a new stats tracker from defect e Charlie Intel which allows players to see all their stats regarding Call of Duty: Warzone with lots of support for more games to come in the future.

Thanks to this site you can therefore see all your statistics of Warzone like the relationship K/D and win rate, as well as comparing them to other players and streamers from around the world. MyStats will also host featured events, where players “across all platforms, skill levels and game modes”Will be able to earn”press and to brag“.

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