A Genshin Impact player shares a little trick that may come in handy for Zhongli players in their fight against the Sealed Lord of Vishaps: Azhdaha.

Genshin Impact Boss fights are a huge part of the game, and are widely considered to be the most exciting and challenging activities other than the Spiral Abyss floors. The game constantly adds new opponents who roam the world of Teyvat, eagerly awaiting the battle with the Traveler.

When it comes to dealing with boss domains, players often find a shortcut that helps them kill a particular enemy by dealing extra damage or avoiding serious attacks. A new video on the Genshin Impact subreddit reveals a little hack that includes Azhdaha and Geo Archon Zhongli.


Reddit user Karaemu has revealed an interesting way to make dominating the Azhdaha boss much easier if Zhongli is involved. Azhdaha is a unique Impact Genshin boss, as she can be infused with four different elements: Hydro, Cryo, Electro, and Pyro. During all of these forms, he can perform different types of attacks. The Cryo form causes multiple icicles to fall from the sky and deal elemental damage, especially if the target does not have an active shield. The video shows how this storm can be avoided by simply climbing Zhongli’s pillar and waiting for the damage rotation to end.

Multiple responses in the comments section state that despite having Zhongli on their roster for over a year, they never had the idea of ​​using the pillar in this way. Zhongli can summon this item by pressing his elemental ability, Dominus Lapis. Ever since HoYoverse introduced Geo buffs in Impact Genshin Version 1.3, Zhongli has become one of the strongest supports in the game. He is a very flexible character that can be the preferred choice for most team compositions.

Several comments also stated that they have found another way to avoid taking damage from Azdaha’s Cryo by simply keeping her elemental ability which will summon one of the strongest shields, if not the strongest. Genshin Impact . This makes Zhongli probably the best character for this domain, as his Geo Shield works well against any kind of elemental damage.

Using Zhongli while fighting Azhdaha is quite symbolic considering they used to be allies before the monster was sealed in a popular location. Genshin impact region called Abyss. Since then, humans began to visit and over-exploit Chasm’s resources, causing Athdaha much suffering. The Geo Archon tried to ease his pain by lending him his powers, but Athdaha turned evil and began attacking the humans he once swore to protect.

Genshin Impact is out now on mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5. A Switch version in development.

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