Game news Genshin Impact: an extraordinary success on mobiles in one year, MiHoYo reveals dizzying figures

Genshin Impact may have been in turmoil for a few days – in question, the disappointment of players vis-à-vis the events related to the first anniversary of the game -, it must be recognized as a steamroller. Real success as well on PC and consoles, the figures announced on mobiles are also dizzy.

Three weeks ago, we were already learning through Sensor Tower, a specialist in quantitative analysis, the insolent success of version 2.1 of Genshin Impact which had notably enabled MiHoYo to rake in the colossal sum of 182 million dollars in the space of thirteen days.

Once again, it is thanks to Sensor Tower’s Twitter account that we have learned about the extraordinary financial success of mobile gaming since its official launch on September 28, 2020. Thus, Genshin Impact ranks third among the most profitable games in their first year of operation with a figure exceeding $ 2 billion.

Next to the giant Tencent, who occupies the top of the ranking with his two foals that are Honor of Kings and PUBG Mobile, MiHoYo manages to get out of the game. Better yet, he managed to maintain stable financial growth since after 6 months, he already reached a billion in income and managed to double the stake for the remaining 6 months.

In terms of the distribution of expenses, we note that it is in China that the game is the most successful: we are talking about 28.6%, just on iOS, for a sum of around $ 577 million. On the second step of the podium of the countries spending the most on the game, we find Japan with 23.7% of the total. The country of the Rising Sun being, for its part, closely followed by the United States with 21%.

The success is immense, especially since the figures commented on here do not take into account the financial performance of the game on PC and home consoles.. For its part, the MiHoYo studio has not commented on its results and has not published any figures. But as the saying goes: “who does not deny consents” and when we know the craze around Genshin Impact, this score may seem astounding at first glance, we can understand such a feat.

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