All about the “Reminiscent Exercise” event: 420 primo-gems to collect!

A new event is coming soon to Genshin Impact! Ideal for recovering primo-gems, but also various materials to develop your characters and your weapons! We will explain everything to you.

While the new August Abyss is available on Genshin Impact, a new event is also coming to the fore! And this one will offer you 3 very different activities to have fun… and above all to recover nearly 420 primo-gems! We explain everything about this upcoming event!

The event will be available from August 4th!

Reminiscent exercise

Illusions from various adventures have appeared discreetly somewhere in the Archipelago of the Golden Apple… You will have to take up the challenges there and thus perfect your skills! The event will take place from August 4 until August 15. To participate, your adventure level must be greater than or equal to 32, and you will also have to complete the quest Summer stay by the sea – 1.

Note that this event can be played alone, but that you can also play with your friends, or with strangers via the matchmaking function if you wish! This event is divided into 3 themes:

Each of these themes is composed of 2 challenges. A challenge will unlock every day for the first 6 days of the event. Each challenge has score goals. By completing the challenges, you will complete the objectives allowing you to accumulate points.

Recall Challenges

Your goal on the rappel challenges is going to be to start from an elevated platform, and eliminate the enemies on the various floating platforms in order to reach the surface of the sea within the time limit.

Raid Challenges

In raid, you will have a limited time to drive your barge to a designated location, board floating platforms and eliminate all enemies there.

Escort Challenges

As an escort, your goal will be to protect a raft of drift stones which moves automatically to its destination. 4 pieces of raft can be destroyed by enemy attacks, and for your raft to move forward, you will have to recharge its energy by picking up spare parts and navigation energy.

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