Gotham Knights is one of the most anticipated games of the end of 2022. Not surprisingly, the new game based on the DC license puts us at the controls of four Batman pupils: Batgirl, Robin, Red Hood and Nightwing, in their fight for keeping Gotham alive and safe. They adopt this role after the death of Batman, who will not be at any time in the game, like the Joker, as we confirmed a few weeks ago.

With this context in hand, a question is on the minds of the players. At the beginning of the game, will these superheroes be weak? Are they starting from scratch and will we progress? The answer has been given by Patrick Redding, creative director of the game, in a recent interview with IGN.

Gotham Knights has an RPG system, but it won’t make us weak at the beginning

According to him, this is a complete RPG game, with leveling up, unlocking skills and better equipment, etc. But this is not to say that Robin and company are inexperienced at the beginning of Gotham Knights or do not have certain skills. Nothing is further from the truth, since they are all “very capable” and have been trained by Batman. That is why at the beginning its gameplay is more similar and it differs as we go up levels and unlock different skills and equipment for each one of them.

Our Knights… are already amazing at the beginning of the game. It is not that they are ineffective as crime fighters. Quite the contrary. They are all graduates of the Batman School of Crime Fighting.

So when they start out they are more similar in that they have a lot of basic combat and stealth tools and move around the world using the grappling hook. Then, over the course of the game, it’s really that they completely diverge in their own flavor of what a Dark Knight of Gotham should be.

We didn’t want to make a dungeon crawler RPG where we send you into the woods to kill six slugs and come back with your stick. These are ultimately very interesting people who have been trained by Batman and others. They are very intelligent and capable. But you still have this challenge of getting to the level of what does it take to protect Gotham now that Batman is gone? That way, if there’s an RPG progression, but you’re not starting from scratch in any way. They’re already pretty tough when you take control.

We don’t want you to have that moment where a bad guy in an alley with a baseball bat is giving you a hard time. That said, there are some mini-bosses in the game that are decently strong and you should pay a little attention early on.

Gotham Knights will arrive on Xbox Series X | S, PC and Ps5 on October 25, 2022

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