Forza Horizon exists because they denied a Project Gotham Racing reboot

Forza Horizon exists because they denied a Project Gotham Racing reboot

Surely with this there is a division of opinions; I am convinced that those of us who have been in the world of video games for the longest time have heard of Project Gotham Racing, and above all we have played it. Now we also have great installments on our consoles like Forza Horizon but… These two franchises could not coexist?

Trevor Williams is the head of Playground Studios and he suggested to the general manager of Forza and his vice president a reboot in the saga of Project Gotham Racing. Something that Forza managers were not interested in; from there a new conversation arose that takes us to where we are now.

Forza Horizon is born and Project Gotham Racing is forgotten

After the talks, the decision that was made there was clear. The franchise of Force was divided into two thus giving completely different deliveries: Forza Horizon, with an open world focusing its driving on something more arcade; Forza Motorsport, giving us a circuit delivery and more focused on the simulation of vehicles.

From there we already know the rest of the story, we are talking perhaps about two of the best driving games that is currently on the market. What would you have preferred, Forza Horizon or Project Gotham Racing? It is undoubtedly a difficult decision due to the great moments that both deliveries left us.

Brent Dubin
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