Dua Lipa It became a trend again. And it is that after the fall that she suffered a few days ago during her presentation in the city of Milan (Italy) as part of her “Future nostalgia” tour -which revealed her playback-, now a sensual dance made it viral again.

And it is that a young music star appeared last weekend at the LoveStream Festival, held in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, and she drove all the attendees crazy for a few seconds with her movements while singing her song “Pretty Please”.

The artist dazzled on stage wearing a silver top and mini skirt set, and completed the look by wearing her long black hair loose, with subtle waves.

The video, which lasts just a few seconds, shows the precise moment in which Dua Lipa takes the microphone stand with one hand while she crouches slowly, wiggling her body, and then performs a pelvic thrust that ended up making her fans delirious.

The tweet with the clip quickly went viral and has so far exceeded 17 million views. Even hundreds of netizens praised the singer’s skill in the comments and were amazed at her dancing skills.

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