News tip Fortnite Season 8: Use a stepping stone at an alien crash site (Cruel Hare challenge map)

Among the challenges that have appeared on this day of Fortnite, we find those of Cruel Hare. Among these challenges, there is one that caught our eye. This one asks you to use a springboard on an alien crash site.

Where to find the stepping stones?

The first good news is that it is possible to find springboards in every crash site on the map! To find them, nothing very complicated, just open your map and head to the areas that appear in orange.

But once there, it is sometimes a bit complicated to find the springboards that are in this area. So, to help you, we decided to take one of these areas from you, that which is at the level of Weepîng Woods and to indicate to you all the stepping stones which are there.

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