A rumor claims that Epic Games is preparing an Ariana Grande concert for Fortnite. We tell you all the details, in this note!

Fortnite could receive a concert from Ariana Grande, according to the recent report of a leaker.

The information comes from the user SmugMrMime onReddit, known for filtering data from Fortnite with certainty.

Now it mentions that Epic Games will prepare a virtual concert of Ariana Grande. Although it does not put any close release date, it says it will be “soon”.

Other additions to the Battle Royale could be skins from League of Justice and Suicide Squad, as well as a battle pass from Naruto for season eight.

How likely is Ariana Grande to have a concert in Fortnite?

The rumored concert of Ariana Grande on Fortnite would not be crazy knowing that the Battle Royale has presented several shows as part of events in-game. Such is the case of Marshmello and Travis Scott, who sang in a specific location on the map while featuring giant projections and effects that modified the environment.

In addition, the concert of Travis Scott reached the figure of 12.3 million users simultaneously, so that an event of Ariana Grande would aim to overcome it.

The millions of users who enjoyed the concert of Travis Scott far exceeded the number of people who can attend a musical event in real life. In addition, its premiere in the midst of the pandemic presented a perfect excuse to be distracted with friends in an unrepeatable audiovisual sequence.

For now it’s just rumors

Of course, as much as everything sounds good, for now, the rumors about a concert by Ariana Grande are nothing more than that. As always, we recommend taking this information with a grain of salt until Epic Games announce upcoming news from Fortnite through official channels.

Meanwhile, we remind you that the last season of the video game featured an alien invasion with interesting changes to the gameplay, the map and the availability of characters.

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