Fortnite players will get access to the 16.50 update. The new patch has been available for download since a downtime this morning: Fortnite was temporarily offline.

Epic Games is holding back once more with the patch notes. However, fans on Reddit, Twitter and Co. have already collected the first details about the changes and innovations.

On the Epic website it only says for the Battle Royale mode that the update 16.50 introduced dynamic gift giving of packages.

“Starting today, all packages for sale in the V-Bucks item shop can be gifted to friends. Previously, not all packages were available for gift giving because there was a chance that a friend might already have an item in a package owned,” write the developers.

Previous reports have been confirmed: The Fortnite (buy now 37.95 €) Update 16.50 brings a popular boom back to the Battle Royale shooter with the Dual Pistols. There are also new cosmetics and NBA challenges, such as Hypex on Twitter reported.

This is how you bag extra XP when you play a Court Crashers match. In addition to new skins, new emotes and a fresh loading screen also come into play. The latter contains a reference to Loki, which is believed to be introduced at Fortnite with Season 7 in June.

For Save the World, on the other hand, Epic Games has revealed tangible details about the innovations with the current update. The developers announce, among other things, that the saltwater shallow endeavor season ends on June 19th.

On May 30th, pirate Ken will return, who will charge all shields with the standard perk “Sea Fog” when you use the smoke bomb. With “Sea Fog +” your opponents are also frozen for 5.5 seconds. On June 6th, Stahlharter Jonesy and Chrom-Ramirez will celebrate their return.

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