Like every week, it’s time to make an appointment for the rest of the week’s challenges that will allow you to fill up on experience for your battle pass. So let’s see together what awaits us for this third week.

Fill up on experience with the challenges of week 3

Each week, 7 challenges are offered to you in Fortnite season 7 and which will allow you to fill up on experience since you can gain up to 30,000 experience by completing them all. A quick and easy way to get through your pass.

  • Dancing by a lit campfire

For this first challenge, you will simply have to use one of the many campfires available on the Fortnite map. Just make sure you have enough wood in stock to light it up and dance in front of it to complete the challenge.

  • Catch fish in schools of fish

Here, you will have to follow the different rivers on the map until you find a school of fish, which shouldn’t be too difficult knowing that they are very common. Then all you have to do is take out your fishing rod and catch several fish.

Here again, we will advise you to stay at the water’s edge, but more precisely on the coast this time. Indeed, all along the beaches of the island, you will be able to find boats. You will then just have to destroy three to complete this challenge.

  • Fly 20 meters with a chicken

The first step in this challenge will be to go to the firm part of the map and listen for a hen. Approach the document to grab it and you will have done most of the work. all you have to do is find another one and get high with it.

This challenge is rather clear in terms of objective, you will simply have to make a Top 10. However, it is not specified if this Top 10 must be done solo, duo or squad. Therefore, it’s up to you to choose the game mode that suits you the most.

The portable toilets are an addition from one of the first seasons of this second chapter of Fortnite. But they are still present and here we will ask you to use them. To help you get your hands on it, we’ve put together a specific guide.

For this last challenge, you will first have to find nuts and bolts, new for this season. If you don’t know how, we suggest you take a look at our guide. Once that is done, all you have to do is use them.

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