With two challenge lists per week, it’s easy to fill up with experience and cool challenges. Here we’ll take a closer look at the one that asks you to step on time scanners. Don’t know where they are? We will help you !

Where can I find body scanners?

The first question that you have surely asked yourself when reading the title of this Fortnite challenge is to know what these famous body scanners could be and this is quite normal, knowing that they will only appear when exiting challenges.

They are very small devices and to succeed in this challenge, you will just have to climb on it and wait a few seconds for the scanner animation to finish. Nothing too complicated in itself, and a great way to easily gain experience.

But for that, it is still necessary to know where to find these scanners and for that, you will have to go to the satellite stations as you can see on the map. It is indeed at the heart of these that you will find your happiness.

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