Fortnite: How to play the game in split screen?  – Game News

Fortnite: How to play the game in split screen? – Game News

Want to play with a loved one on the same screen in Fortnite? There is no problem ! We give you the solution in this article!

What could be better than sharing a top 1 with a loved one in the same room? The party will only be more beautiful, won’t it? However, how do you enjoy a duo adventure in Fortnite with just one screen? In this article, we explain how to do it!

How to play Fortnite in split screen?

This feature has been around in Fortnite for a while now. It was not available at the launch of Battle Royale, but after many requests, the developers gave in to give players around the world a very intimate experience.

To play in split screen with a player on the same platform, nothing could be simpler. :

  • Go to the main menu,
  • Connected your two controllers,
  • The main player must invite the second player to select their account,
  • Both players must have the same language defined in the settings,
  • Once the second player has logged into their account, they will appear in the lobby and split-screen mode will automatically be enabled on their screen.

Please note that not all game modes are available in split screen. Afterwards, you can play this way in Duos or Section mode. Also note that the split-screen session will end if one of the players disconnects or leaves the game. During their split-screen session, players cannot navigate the lobby or each other’s menus, or take inventory.

Also note thatsplit-screen play is not yet possible on Nintendo Switch, PC or mobile as well as Creative mode, temporary modes, Save the world and single player mode. Epic Games has not yet communicated on the future possibility of split-screen play in these game modes or platforms. We can already tell you that split-screen on mobile will not happen. From a practical point of view and especially for playing comfort, this functionality would not make sense. However, there is nothing that contradicts the possibility of having split screen on Switch or PC in the future.

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