The 2023 school year will start on March 20 in several regions due to heavy rains. (Composition)

He back to school 2023, began March 13 in parts of Peru; However, with the onset of heavy rains following Cyclone Yaku, the government, through the Ministry of Education (Minedu) decided to postpone the start of classes to March 20 in several regions of the country.

Among the regions that will begin class on March 20 we have the metropolis of Lima, the region of Lima, Callao, Ica, Tumbes, Piura and other departments. It was the Minister of National Education who announced the measure, after coordination with the Head of StateDina Boluarte and the National Service of Meteorology and Hydrology of Peru (Senamhi),

“(…) We are going to postpone the start of classes for a week in the metropolis of Lima and in the region of Lima, for all educational establishments,” the government official said.

These are the regions that have postponed the classes start March 20 due to the presence of heavy rain as part of the effects of the Cyclone Yaku.

– Lime. Includes the metropolis of Lima and the region of Lima.

– Shut up


– Fist. The main reason is the protests.

– I AC

– Falls


– Lambayeque

The Department of Education has established a schedule for school year 2023, whose classes begin on March 13. The 16 regions that complied with the schedule were:

– Lorette

– Amazon

– Cajamarca. The province of Contumazá has postponed the start of classes.

-San Martin


-Not co


– Huancavelica. The province of Huaytará has postponed the start of classes.




– Cusco

– Mother of God

– Apurimac



Although Cyclone Yaku was originally predicted to last until March 11, according to Weather Alert No. 44 of the senamhinow we know that the Cyclone Yaku It will last on average until March 15, but an assessment of the continuity of this natural phenomenon will still be maintained.

“Yaku will still have one turn, but it will move a bit westward,” revealed Raque Loayza, meteorological engineer at the senamhihe added in RPP, specifying that the central highlands will also be affected by the proximity and the movement of the cyclone on the Peruvian coasts.

“It will also affect the part of the central highlands of Peru, where there is something quite different: apart from the humidity of the Pacific part, we also have seasonal rains at different levels of the atmosphere and the highland humidity,” he added Loayza.

GIVEN: It is expected that the heavy rain continue for three more days and that the intensity of these decreases on the fourth day. In Piura’s case, the situation would last until March 17, according to Senamhi Piura boss Jorge Carranza.

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