Mediatonic announced that Fall Guys will receive its fourth season on May 10 with one of the most anticipated new features for players. After waiting almost over a year, a creative mode will be available where players can create custom levels and then share them with the community.

Season four was announced during a studio presentation on Tuesday. The truth is that this level editor is not a surprise, since the company has stated that it is in development and that they are aware that players have been asking for it for a long time. There are not many details about it, what is certain is that it will spark great creativity in players, as demonstrated in another title that also chose to include a creative mode.

Keep in mind that this is not just another new content, but we could also be in front of a strategy to revive the game. Recall that Fall Guys had its peak during the summer of 2020 , and that since then it has lost (moderately) popularity. We could compare this strategy with the decision to release the game Free To Play for all platforms. A very smart strategy, since the game got a huge number of downloads.

Joe Walsh, creative director of Mediatonic, assured that “this has been the biggest change we have made to the game”. In addition to confirming that the development studio will use this tool to create exclusive levels for the game, confirming a lot more content in the future.

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