Final Fantasy XIV Players Can Get Some Great Free DLCs

Final Fantasy XIV Players Can Get Some Great Free DLCs

For over a month, Final Fantasy XIV players can get the Stormblood expansion and/or a free subscription for free.

Square Enix has prepared a small gift for fans of its MMORPG. From now on Until May 8final fantasy xiv players can add to their account the storm blood expansion free.

As we read in the announcement posted on the game’s official website, the offer applies to players who own the FFXIV Launch Edition (which includes the base edition of A Realm Reborn and Heavensward DLC ), excluding those using the free trial version. of course still requires an active subscription (the second promotion, which you will read below, will be useful for you here), but adding Stormblood, the extension will remain on our account forever, even after the action ends.

Stormblood was released in 2017 as the second major expansion for Final Fantasy XIV Online, adding more locations, items, abilities, and two character classes (while also increasing character level caps). It comes with a series of raids called Return to Ivalice, with content native to the known world of Final Fantasy XII.

In addition, from today until May 8, there will be a permanent campaign in which people who return to final fantasy xiv you can get a free subscription. More information can be found on the game’s official website.

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