FIFA 21: Title Update 10 is now available for Download

FIFA 21: Title Update 10 is now available for Download

FIFA 21: Title Update 10 now available for Download – It is in the New Patch

Electronic Arts releases the FIFA 21 Update 10 as a download. The patch is now available for the PC version (Steam, Origin) of the football game. The publisher has not yet given a date for the update release on PS5 / PS4 and Xbox One / Xbox Series X.

However, it can be assumed that the update will also be available for consoles in the coming days. In the forum for football simulation, the developers have published the patch notes – and with them a list of changes and innovations.

Major gameplay adjustments are therefore not due with the update. Rather, the developers are fine-tuning individual details.

In the Ultimate Team, for example, the developers tackled a bug that prevented a match from taking place after an initialization display in Division Rivals. In addition, the price comparison for stadium objects in the FUT market should now work properly.

Smaller adjustments are also pending. For example, the patch notes show that the color of the timer on the squad screen has been adjusted to make it look more prominent.

With the FIFA 21 Update 10, the developers have also fine-tuned individual coats of arms that previously only displayed placeholders.

Changes can also be made for career mode. Players who are substituted on during a match should no longer lose excessive stamina from now on. The sniper achievement, in which you have to score a free kick goal, also receives a bug fix.

In the future, the trophy should be unlocked as intended. All further details from the patch notes for the new FIFA 21 Update 10 can be found in the football simulation forum.

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