In February, Square Enix announced to us that the next expansion for Final Fantasy XIV would star the Moon, and that it would be called Endwalker. Last night, the developers presented this expansion to us again, and revealed a release date.

Thanks to a trailer that, as usual, presents Final Fantasy in its best light, Square Enix announces that Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker will land on PC, Mac, PS5 and PS4 on November 23, 2021.

Players who pre-order this new expansion will be entitled to early access, which kicks off November 19. The studio is therefore keeping its promise to release the expansion during the fall, even if Yoshida explained that the telecommuting and the adjustments that it imposes have slightly delayed the release, obviously scheduled for earlier.

New Job, the Reaper, which will be accessible from level 70 without class condition players will be able to explore a new town, Old Sharlayan.

It will be a city of scholars, which is not used to receiving foreigners or participating in the conflicts of the world. This city is one of the six cities planned at the start, but was not selected for development reasons. In other words, the city has been biding its time for nearly ten years.

In addition to all this, it will be possible to explore Labyrinthos, one of the new areas, located underground, Thavnair Island, previously unveiled, but which will finally be possible to visit, as well as Garlemald, imperial capital.

But the most important remains the Mare Lamentorum area, a lunar space, in the heart of the intrique. Finally, Endwalker will be the opportunity to explore new dungeons and meet new creatures, to discover a new raid in alliance and to cross a new race: the male Vieras.

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