A former Bethesda developer lets the fantasy go and imagines a Fallout 5 very different from the canons

What if Fallout 5 was set in New Orleans and with Mad Max gameplay? Nate Purkeypile had already caused media hype with the latest advances on Starfield gameplay and content tells PcGamesN how he imagines the sequel to the fifth chapter of Fallout.

Should Fallout 5 have Mad Max gameplay and be set in New Orleans? According to a former Bethesda developer, yes.

We remember, however, that therelease of Fallout 5 is still a long way off. In fact in the planning of Bethesda jobs come first of completion of Starfield which must be completed in 2023, to then devote to The Elder Scrolls 6. Therefore that of Purkeypile is simply a personal speculation on what the future of the saga could be according to his vision.

Purkeypile he begins in the interview, distancing himself from himself, or rather pointing out the fact that it is just an idea,

my desire will hardly match what they intend to do to them. I think they will never set a game outside the borders of the United States, it is very unlikely, if not impossible that they will do it for a chapter of the major series … It depended on me I would opt for New Orleans or maybe Colorado, but my preference would fall about New Orleans; I find it a fascinating city

Purkeypile adds about the gameplay,

I wish they dared a little more by adding vehicles to drive. While I don’t think it will ever happen because it would involve radical gameplay changes, it would be a very different approach to open world map design. Like in the latest Mad Max game

We remember that Nate Purkeypile worked fourteen years in Bethesda, where he took care of shaping the world and aesthetics of the Fallout games. After leaving Bethesda, he set up a studio with plans to develop a horror hunting simulator called The Axis Unseen.

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