To do this, the protagonist of the miniseries ‘The Undoing’, which earned her one of the nominations, opted for an elegant and spectacular Louis Vuitton design.

According to the information that emerged at the time, Nicole Kidman’s golden globes dress consisted of more than 8,000 beads and crystals that had to be inserted by hand by a kind of army of seamstresses: a titanic task that, apparently, involved no less than 425 hours of work.

The sober nature of her blue tunic was counteracted by a pattern of chains that covered the sides of her outfit vertically.

Throughout her conversation with members of the press, the Hollywood star justified her decision to make the most of her good relationship with the world’s most illustrious designers, despite the fact that this year she was not even going to leave home to enjoy the event.

With the “need” that, in her opinion, “people” have to witness the glamor of Hollywood in all its splendor.

Likewise, the wife of the singer Keith Urban went so far as to ensure that, despite the elaborate and complex choice of her wardrobe, on this occasion she had preferred to go for discretion rather than wear something more daring.

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