End of career? Amouranth has been permanently banned from Twitch

End of career? Amouranth has been permanently banned from Twitch


Amouranth is one of the most successful streamers of all time. But her career is anything but undisputed. She achieved great fame with so-called “hot tub streams”, during which she was in the pool wearing clothes and interacting with her chat. Many see a critical gray area here, against which Twitch did nothing at all for a long time. Nonetheless, Amouranth has managed to become one of the most watched streamers around.


The success for the 27-year-old was not without headwinds – this came partly from Twitch itself. She has already been banned from the platform a few times for a certain period of time. Recently, she was also banned from the Facebook and TikTok platforms.

As recently announced, the popular Twitch streamer was banned from Twitch for the fifth time in her career late last week. The exact reason is not yet known at the time of writing.


After the spell, Amouranth has now commented on the situation herself, and she doesn’t seem too torn about having to leave Twitch first. In a new video on her YouTube channel, Amouranth talked about her recent banning from Twitch, on top of the other bans she received on Facebook and TikTok.

Overall, Amouranth made it clear that Twitch did not inform her as to why she was banned this time. She also said that she doesn’t know whether she will be allowed to return to the streaming platform in the future or whether she will be banned forever instead. H

owever, she noted that it was rather strange that she was banned from Twitch and Instagram shortly after both sites were compromised by hacks in the past few days.

“It’s kind of crazy when you think about it. If Instagram and Facebook are hacked, I will be banned”, she said. “Twitch is being hacked, I am being banned. It seems like there is a trend here. There seems to be a correlation between the two.” She added in her video.

Even if it might be an unpleasant situation for any streamer, Amouranth makes it clear that she can be much worse off too. Because financially, she has made good provisions over the past few months.

On Twitter, she writes that she may simply live as an “anonymous ten-time millionaire”. Is this a joke announcement for an early retirement?

Here you can see it:

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