Gilbert Arenas

Gilbert Arenas revealed the top five scorers in NBA history for him

Gilbert Arenas mentioned Kobe Bryant among his best scorers.
Gilbert Arenas mentioned Kobe Bryant among his best scorers.

Former NBA player Gilbert Arenas released his list of the top five scorers in league history. To choose those selected, he took into account their impact on the game during their active times.

Arenas mentioned Michael Jordan for first place of all time. He then placed Kobe Bryant as a guard for “His Majesty”, leaving Allen Iverson in third place.

To finish his opinion, the former Washington Wizards point guard mentioned Kevin Durant of the Brooklyn in fourth position and Carmelo Anthony of the Portland Trail Blazers. in fifth place.

Each of those mentioned has won at least one title of best scorer in the NBA, an important aspect to highlight.

Arenas was an elite point guard in the league, who was able to score 29.3 points per game during his best singles scoring season.

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