It is no longer possible to share screenshots or videos directly from Xbox to Twitter after the two companies had a discussion about the API that enables the feature. Microsoft, Xbox and everyone who uses it now has to pay for the internal changes Twitter has made to its online services and solutions. Unsurprisingly, many people and businesses are hesitant to spend money on something that was once free.

This led Microsoft to completely deprecate the Twitter API, affecting more than Xbox’s sharing functionality, and on their site you can now read the following:

“As of April 25, 2023, Cross-Platform Smart Campaigns will no longer be supported on Twitter.

As of April 25, 2023, you will no longer be able to:
Access your Twitter account via our social management tool
Create and manage drafts or Tweets
See previous tweets and participation
Scheduled tweets

Other social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn will continue to be available.”

This didn’t sit well with current Twitter chief Elon Musk, who claims Microsoft used Twitter data to train its AI behind ChatGPT and is now threatening to prosecute to the company if you don’t pay.

What do you think of Twitter starting to charge for its API? Is Elon right in his demands to Microsoft?

Musk is really upset!

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