Leveling up in Elden Ring requires many things, from finding All Grave Gloveworts to make your weapons stronger, to runes, many of which you can only obtain with great difficulty and brow sweat. Anyway, what would you say if they literally fell on your feet at the start of the game? The peculiarities of Elden Ring make the game difficult and complex in many cases, yet it is considered the most accessible work of From Software.

Either way, there is a way to drastically reduce the difficulty of the game and make your Interregnum experience much more relaxing. To do this, you won’t need any cheats in the strict sense, just a little time. This guide will explain how to unlock a source of infinite runes and level up galore after half an hour of play.


Once you have created a character, chosen a class and got a gift, follow the first steps of the game: meet Melina to take Torrente and get the chance to level up, then talk to the witch who will appear at the Church of Elleh. She will send you to the Third Church of Marika, where a cruet of Portentous Balsam will be there waiting for you. It’s not a bad idea to go there without hesitation, since this is exactly where this little trick starts.

Marika ‘s Third Church is located east of the place of grace where you first spoke to Melina. In the ruins, you will find the useful item promised by the witch and a place of grace. From here, take the exit on the left side of the ruins, which lead to a shallow basin full of scrub. There you will find a portal, which you will need to examine and activate.

This portal will teleport you to Greyroll’s Dracotumulus , an area that you should theoretically explore much later in the game. First turn on yourself, enter the building and activate the place of grace within. Then head back outside again, summon the Torrent horse and ride to the left – you don’t want to have to deal with the bestial guardian at this point. If you look straight ahead now, you will surely notice the tower in the distance. This is your next destination. Ride straight towards her, dodging enemies along the way.

Eventually, you’ll come to a precipice , which you can avoid by riding down the ramp on the left – beware: there are enemies lurking here and the ground is full of explosive poisonous mushrooms – or by carefully jumping down the roots that sprout from the cliff. Now you just have to ride over the bridge.

In front of the tower you will find a place of grace, which you should activate. The only path available runs along a cliff, towards a cliff. This is the source of the unlimited power you have been looking for. As you ride down this path, a rolling boulder appears as if by magic behind you. Like its counterpart in Raiders of the Lost Ark, it has only one goal: to crush you. Unlike Hollywood characters, though, you’ll be smart enough to dodge it by moving sideways (you’ll just have to practice your timing if you don’t succeed on the first try).

Once the boulder has fallen on the ruins, you’ll notice a few things: the rolling boulder has a health bar that empties when it falls – so it counts as an actual enemy mob. And: your rune count will be increased by at least 2,000 runes as you “defeated” this enemy just by dodging it. For the early stages of the game, this is a huge amount of runes – you’d have to kill half an army of soldiers or two trolls to get the same result. But here, you’ll get them simply for dodging that magical rolling boulder. And you can do it and do it again as many times as you want.

Gallop back to the place of grace, rest and return to the place. The boulder will appear again: dodge it once more and put the 2,000 runes in your pocket. Yes, it’s not particularly exciting, but runes are guaranteed to never be taken from you – even if the rock crushes and kills you, you can recover the lost runes safely by returning to the site. Invest a little time and you will climb many levels, and you will have enough runes to buy some great equipment.

Combine this quick way to get runes with items to unlock very early in the game such as the Meteorite Staff , and you’ve got the perfect start to the game. By doing so, even a difficult game like Elden Ring will become a relaxing adventure.

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