Due to the characteristics of the jewel, the site Page Six pointed out that it could be a Love Ring of small diamonds of the Cartier brand, or a Love Wedding Band which would reaffirm the theory of their wedding.

The couple have had an on-and-off romance since 2018, and although they share two children, Stormi, four years old, and Wolf, who was born in February, lives separately.

According to the newspaper The Sun, a source assures that the rapper insists on having his own space, “he tells Kylie that it has nothing to do with how he feels about her or the kids, but he can’t be a music star and a dad together.”

He added: “When he’s with her and the kids, he’s 100 percent daddy mode, but when he’s home, he’s working on his career. Travis splits his time between being out doing shows, and when he’s working in the studio he stays at home and then comes ‘home’ with Kylie and the children for a few days.

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