Last Friday, April 7, EA Sports PGA Tour kicked off, the return of EA golf titles, and while the game has many advantages to be a realistic experience for a professional golfer, the title didn’t come out in the best conditions and fans They went directly to the studio to ask for corrections. And the developers listened.

The studio has posted a post on the official blog indicating that it is aware that there are many bugs to be fixed in EA Sports PGA Tour, and has laid out a roadmap of upcoming updates, including the following:

  • Swing in 3-Click: The game’s initial swing animation was designed to accurately replicate the movement of the golfer and was a design choice to increase the realism of the game. To further enhance the experience, the team will add the 3-click swing, a staple of golf games for decades.
  • Career mode options: The team has been listening to player feedback on the need for more options outside of quick play and full rounds during career mode and is exploring ways to give you more options in this area.
  • Camera angle and zoom issues: The team investigated ways to improve the pre-shot zoom camera, focusing on enhancements for players who don’t use the putting grid and need lower camera angles to manually play shots. greens.
  • Other fixes: Adjustments to the putt grid, cup physics and online matchmaking, a “Fast Play” layout option, and more online game formats.

These are just the most notable, but there are more, which you can read about in the same article. A good gesture to optimize the title that aspires to be the game of golf par excellence.

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