E3 2023 rumored to be canceled as Sega and Tencent pull out

E3 2023 rumored to be canceled as Sega and Tencent pull out

E3 2023 cancellation rumors began to spread after Sega and Tencent subsidiary Level Infinite weren’t at the show. Other publishers are believed to be planning to miss the event, but have yet to confirm their intentions.

Who won’t attend E3 2023?

Sega “has decided not to participate in E3 2023 as an exhibitor,” the company told IGN in a statement. Tencent also confirmed that it will not be participating in the show. Although it initially stated its intention to be there, Ubisoft canceled its appearance at E3 yesterday. Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft will not be at the show either.

IGN has been informed that others are planning to skip E3 2023, but have not confirmed their intentions at the time of writing. Considering that previous years’ E3 events already had a strong lineup at this time of year, the reluctance of any publisher to commit to the show is certainly concerning.

E3’s new management, Reedpop, had tried to work with the developers and publishers to deliver exactly what they wanted from the show, but it didn’t seem to have worked. There’s been quite a bit of silence from the event organizer at the moment, leading many to speculate that the event might be canceled again as time is running out quickly.

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