Dying Light 2: Leak of the Collector's Edition fuels Release hope

Dying Light 2: Leak of the Collector’s Edition fuels Release hope

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Globe Live Media, Monday, January 25, 2021

A Collector’s Edition of Dying Light 2 has surfaced.

Recently, developer Techland promised “exciting news” about Dying Light 2 – and it is now available, but not from official sources. Via a Czech online shop is a Collector’s Edition image surfaced, the entry also revealed a possible retail price for the normal and deluxe versions.

It is a matter of unconfirmed information that you should treat with caution. However, we consider the leak to be credible. So what’s supposed to be in the collector’s box?

This is what the Collector’s Edition looks like

On the picture (via Reddit) the individual contents of the CE of Dying Light 2 can be seen well:

Link to Reddit content

  • The game (logically), for PC, PS4 or Xbox One. Dedicated versions for PS5 and XSX are not shown.
  • A large collector’s box
  • Six different UV stickers
  • A UV flashlight, in whose light the stickers are likely to glow
  • A limited sculpture
  • A map with “secret places”
  • An art book
  • Ein Steel Book
  • The lettering is missing at the bottom right, but it appears to be prints or postcards

How much does that supposedly cost? According to a now deleted Google entry (archived at ResetEra), the Collector’s Edition of Dying Light 2 will cost 5555 Czech crowns, which would be around 213 euros. An alleged price for the normal version has also emerged: 1499 crowns, or just under 60 euros.

What is known about the release of Dying Light 2?

The shop has not given a specific release date, officially it is also still unknown. After the leak, many fans of Dying Light now hope that the announcement will come soon. After all, the developer Techland itself promised “exciting news”. We will of course keep an eye on the matter and keep you up to date if something happens.

Actually, Dying Light 2 should have been released in early 2020. But the development did not go as smoothly as planned, rumors of alleged crises kept coming up – Techland denied it.

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