The average duration of the Dredge game will vary depending on the amount of games you want to play. How long to beat Dredge will depend on your approach to completion, as well as your ability to adapt to difficulty – there are plenty of threats in Dredge that can suddenly attack, and progress is rarely a line. LAW. There are also options to just fish and earn, which will expand it further, but we’ll cover all of that below. If you want to know how long Dredge lasts and how it will change the duration of the game depending on what you’re doing, we’ll cover all the answers below.

How long does Dredge last? Explanation of game duration and time to beat

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Dredge’s length will vary depending on your approach, as mentioned, so after playing it ourselves, we’ve broken it down accordingly:

  • Critical path/story only: 10-12 hours
  • Standard game (story plus some side quests): 1-4 p.m.
  • 100% complete game: 5-10 p.m.

Part of what makes judging Dredge duration difficult is that some items are a bit based on luck, whether it’s monsters attacking or you stumble upon a useful item by accident etc., while others relate to how you approach its difficulty, how far behind you are, and how well prepared you think you need to be before venturing into more dangerous waters. Some players will feel the need to fish and dredge for materials to get the most upgrades before committing to a challenge, while others will try to survive without them, and might even succeed!

Not only that, but Dredge has many side quests, aka Chases, and other tasks you can do while in the water. Some activities are required to continue, but others are completely optional, with money and upgrades as rewards. These will take you all over the map and add a lot to your playtime. Most players will do at least a few optional activities on their own courses, as the rewards will help keep the main path safe.

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