FIFA 23 FUT Anniversary Swaps: What cards could be in the Icon Prime +90 Player Pick?

FIFA 23 FUT Anniversary Swaps: What cards could be in the Icon Prime +90 Player Pick?

SBCs to redeem rewards FUT Anniversary Swaps are available in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team starting March 27. we have already published an article talking about the best choices and one of the existing possibilities is player’s choice (showing four options) of untradeable Icon Prime +90.

This is by far the most expensive prize of all, as one would need to spend a total of twenty-seven tokens to obtain it. That’s why I think it’s not very interesting, because the risk seems very big. But anyway, I understand that some people would like to know which cards could appear in this player choice.

What cards could appear in this FIFA 23 Prime Icon Player Pick?

One might imagine that limiting players to 90 on average would be a very big restriction, but it looks like that won’t be the case. Due to the hundreds of Prime Icons available in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, only six of them fall below this general assessment.

Ian Wright, John Barnes, Gennarro Gattuso, Sol Campbell, Ashley Cole and Gianluca Zambrotta these are the only legends removed from the list of possibilities. Only they have 89 on average in their respective Prime versions.

Nevertheless, the restriction does not seem too important and the vast majority of FIFA 23 Icons could still be released, among which are many players who no longer stand out with their stats as much, and who should become even less special as the general level in Ultimate Team continues to increase. increase.

These are the only FIFA 23 Prime icons that don’t average 90 (cards thanks to

Remember that on our Telegram broadcast channel We notify you when we upload content to FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. And here we leave you the message with the list of cards that could appear in the FUT Birthday Swaps Player Pick which costs 15 tokens. Cheers!

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