Over the past weekend, Donna Burkthe singer who performed the theme snake eater In the Konami classic Metal Gear Solid 3, she posted some images where we could see a folder with the name of the famous song, an aspect that made many fans think that the singer would re-record the famous theme for a possible rehabilitation. of the title.

Seeing the commotion caused by the images, the performer herself denied, through a publication, that she was working on a remake of the game, and that she was only re-recording the song “for fun “. While many users lamented this denial, others don’t have much faith in Burke’s words and believe that these statements were just a “cable grab”.

This is not the first time that rumors of a supposed adaptation of the third installment of MGS have been heard. At the end of last year, speculation emerged about this, in addition to the client list update which Virtuos did in November 2022, including Konami in it, hinted that the studio would ultimately be the one chosen for the development of the remake.

Fancy a remake of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater?

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