Erick Plinio Mendoza gives details on the situation of Magaly Solier. The actress’ ex-partner said she was still recovering and still couldn’t see her children.

Erick Plinio Mendoza gave an interview to ‘Day of’ and says why he decided to record Magaly Solier screaming and trying to force their way into his house. The actress’ ex-girlfriend said she needed the case to be in the media so that the artist’s mental health was exposed and she could receive help.

He also assured that his will is not to harm the image of Magaly Solierbut act on the case.

Erick Plinio Mendoza confirmed that the actress is being cared for by a multidisciplinary team, which is evaluating her physical and psychological condition. Furthermore, he indicated that he tried to take his children to the Ayacucho Regional Hospital to visit their mother, but it was not possible.

“They tell me that in coordination with the psychologist, he is not yet healthy enough to have a psychological impact. For her peace of mind, I only sent her videos of the boys, giving her strength, greetings and may she recover soon, ”explained the athlete.

Magaly Solier still cannot see her children.
Magaly Solier still cannot see her children.

He also sent a message to Magaly Solier. Mendoza stressed that it is time to reflect and think about the minors they have in common.

“Tell the lady that now is the time to reflect, that now we are not only thinking of ourselves, we are thinking of our children who need us healthy, strong, emotionally strong and also healthy. And tell him that I waive the issue of alimony, not to worry, to recover,” he stressed. Eric Pliny.

“I renounce all the properties that she has until now, I renounce that she keeps all the properties and that I appreciate her, that I love her very much, that she is the mother of my children , I will always tell her where she is going to bless her because she gave me the happiness of being a father, she is healing and she does not forget that she has two beautiful children who love her very much and who need her soon, recovered and healthy, so they can walk, go eat ice cream, go to the farms she has,” he concluded.

Magaly Solier He is going through one of the worst times of his life. In recent days, he has starred in unfortunate episodes where he has been seen leading scandals on the streets. In a recent interview for ‘Magaly TV la Firme’, Erick Plinio stressed that these events were due to a psychological problem.

“I coordinated with the CEM (Women’s Emergency Center), with the social worker, I explained the figure to them and they went to the police station. I have certificates where she had some psychiatric problems and it had to be dealt with yes or yes,” Mendoza Gómez said in the interview.

“I have already informed the social workers and they already know the meaning of the problem, and they already know where they will start treating Magaly,” said the actress’ ex-partner.

Magaly Solier benefits from the help of the Ministry of Women after her last appearances on the public highway.  (instagram)
Magaly Solier benefits from the help of the Ministry of Women after her last appearances on the public highway. (instagram)

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