Diablo 2 almost got a second Addon with New Classes

Diablo 2 almost got a second Addon with New Classes

Diablo 2 is not only considered one of the best action role-playing games of all time. The RPG has also received an excellent add-on with the Lord of Destruction expansion. But apparently it didn’t have to stay that way.

As the former Blizzard developer and Diablo co-inventor David Brevik said on Twitter, he already had plans for a second expansion.

According to this, there was already a multi-page document on which Brevik recorded his thoughts. He revealed that in an answer to the question of whether it was true that there was ever a second addon.

“Yes, in a way, it was just designed, not produced. I had a multi-page draft document thinking about new classes, new areas, new mechanics and story concepts. I got no further.”

As is well known, such an addon was never completed. The planning for a second addon probably clashed too much with the preproduction for the original Diablo 3, an unannounced project and with Brevik’s departure.

What should be in the add-on?

Unfortunately, Brevik doesn’t go into much detail about what his ideas for a second expansion for Diablo 2 actually were. Except for the rough hints from above. Brevik doesn’t seem to remember exactly what he thought up back then. According to Brevik, there should have only been one new class that he still remembers. A cleric class.

It is unclear what exactly this class could have done. Since the Diablo classes were partly inspired by Dungeons & Dragons, it would have been a kind of paladin, only with an even greater focus on divine magic and healing powers.

Could that still appear?

The Diablo community is a little excited after this revelation. Some asked Brevik to share his document with the public so this second addon could still be realized by the extremely active modding community. After all, they have been working on Diablo 2 for years.

But Brevik did not want to confirm that this document still exists, nor to reveal any further details. After all, the former inventor no longer holds any rights to Diablo.

They’re entirely up to Blizzard and Brevik isn’t sure what to talk about and what not to talk about. Brevik even suspects that Blizzard could possibly even fall back on the information from the document at some point.

Possibly as additional content for the speculated remake of Diablo 2. We consider this step on the part of Blizzard to be rather unlikely.

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