Devotion: Horror game was too hot in big shops, is available again

Devotion: Horror game was too hot in big shops, is available again

In 2019 the horror game Devotion had to be removed from Steam. Because although the adventure was initially very well received, secret messages in the game led the Chinese community to strongly criticize the title. The developers then gave in and removed their game from Steam.

Horror game returns after two years

What exactly is devotion? The horror adventure puts you in an apartment in Taiwan and takes place in the 1980s. Things are not right in this apartment and you are drawn into a nightmare from which you have to escape. To do this, you solve puzzles while you explore the apartment.

That was really well received by the players. On Metacritic, the adventure is rated at 85 out of 100 points.

Why was the game criticized? Hidden in the game was a drawing in which Chinese President Xi Jinping was compared to Disney’s Winnie the Pooh and referred to as a “fool”.

That upset the Chienese game community. The developers, who removed their game from Steam a little later – in February 2019 – got a lot of criticism. The publisher then lost the license. It went to Harvard University last year to be kept:

Horror game wanders into Harvard library

That’s why it didn’t appear on GOG: A return of the horror game via GOG was actually planned. The release should take place in 2020. But GOG announced that a lot of players had complained about these plans and that it was decided not to publish them.

How is the game returning now? The Taiwanese developer studio Red Candle Games offers Devotion via its own website. There you have the choice between the following editions:

  • Standard edition for $ 16.99
  • Game with soundtrack for $ 22.98
  • Devotion and the 2017 horror game Detention bundled for $ 41.96
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