While the next-gen patch for the game will be available in a few days, the developers at Crystal Dynamics have left planner in doubt about the arrival of skins drawn from the MCU in Marvel’s Avengers thanks to vague and open answers to the interpretation given. during a question-and-answer session on Twitch.

Last Friday, Crystal Dynamics released a stream on Twitch to showcase the gameplay of Hawkeye, the next character to be added to the game.

At the end of this hour of demonstration, the developers answered in writing to many questions of the chat, including two that are sure to intrigue fans of the MCU, the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Spotted and captured by the site MP1ST, two viewers asked questions regarding the arrival of these famous costumes in Marvel’s Avengers, to which the developers responded vaguely, without explicitly burying these assumptions for good:

– Is it possible that one day costumes from MCU series or movies like Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will arrive, that would be something I would buy for sure, or whatever other kind of MCU references? – A viewer

(It’s entirely possibleA Crystal Dynamics developer

– I know that you surely cannot answer this question, but I will ask it all the same. Is there a possibility that MCU skins are coming soon? – A viewer

Nothing to report yet, but stay tuned!Twitch Crystal Dynamics

If that were to come true, it could make many gamers want to launch or relaunch the game given the current popularity of the MCU despite theaters being shut down worldwide.

We think in particular to the recent success of Wandavision, MCU’s first series to air on Disney + which ended over a week ago and has been watched more than Netflix’s biggest box office in the United States.

Remember that the next-gen patch for PS5 and Xbox Series of Marvel’s Avengers is expected this Thursday, March 18 and that it will be possible to play a new narrative arc titled Future Imperfect with the character of Hawkeye.

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