The creators of Darkest Dungeon 2, the next roguelike that has seen significant early access success on the Epic Games Store so far, will use a similar approach to DLC as its 2016 namesake, which the co-founders and directors of Red Hook say will allow it to continue “doing cool stuff”, with plans for free and paid Darkest Dungeon 2 updates slated for the future.

Speaking exclusively to – Game News, live from this year’s Game Developers Conference (GDC) San Francisco show, Red Hook co-founders and Darkest Dungeon 2 creative directors Chris Bourassa and Tyler Sigman explain how update plans for the sinister RPG are still ‘old’. school” and is committed to providing the “quality” that Red Hook is known for.

“We don’t have a Battle Pass. There are no ‘Red Hook crystals’. We are old school,” explained Bourassa. “We want to support the game and bring free additions to it, but also support ourselves and spend development time on good paid DLC that affects and transforms the core experience of the game and adds a lot of content value to it. I feel like our studio has a good reputation in our community for adding value, and we’d like to preserve that.”

“DLC pays the dev team to keep making awesome stuff, that’s the main thing,” adds Sigman.

Darkest Dungeon 2 has been in Early Access on the Epic Games Store since October 2021, with a full release now slated for Epic and Steam on May 8. With plans in place to overhaul the relationship system, Bourassa describes the post-launch period as a “good place to be.”

“If your game is doing reasonably well, it’s a fun place where you have that framework and that rig, and a lot of ideas that you might have left on the cutting room floor that you can piece together in a build improved and seek every opportunity to grow and enrich the game.”

– Game News is reporting live from GDC and will continue to bring you exclusive interviews, news and reveals, including more on Darkest Dungeon 2’s development and post-launch plans.

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